Specialty Products

On-line THM Analyzer Equipment | Learn more about Aqua Metrology Systems


Lobe, Screw, Turbo & Multistage Blowers | Learn more about Atlas Copco


Geodesic Aluminum Domes and Cover Systems | Learn more about CST Covers 


Eddy Current Drives, Brakes, and Controls | Learn more about Dynamatic 

Algae Sweep, Weir, Baffle and Launder Cleaning | Learn more about Ford Hall

Water Dispensing & Septage Receiving Solutions | Learn more about Flowpoint  


Hydroneumatic Surge and Pressure Control Systems | Learn more about Pulsco


Sluice Gates, Slide Gates, Stop Gates, and Flap Gates | Learn more about RW Gate 


Solar Powered Water Tank Mixing Systems | Learn more about SolarBee by Medora Environmental


Scum Concentrators | Learn more about Tenco Hydro  


Biogas Conditioning Systems | Learn more about Unison Solutions 


Fiberglass Weirs, Baffles, Launders, Covers, Enclosures | Learn more about Warminster Fiberglass