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BlueInGreen was established with one goal in mind: to provide effective solutions for improving and maintaining water quality at the lowest possible cost providing, highly efficient solutions for aeration, pH adjustment, disinfection and odor control to lower your treatment costs and improve your water quality. When you think water, think BIG. Read More
 gummi jaeger
Gummi-Jaeger created the world's first rubber membrane diffuser, they have sold more than 12 million membranes and diffuser assemblies worldwide, including designing diffusers for most U.S. and German wastewater OEMs. As the industry pioneer and leader, Gummi-Jaeger Aeration is the dependable, long-term, global supplier to wastewater treatment and aeration businesses. Read More - Contact Us
Medora Corporation manufactures time-tested GridBee® / SolarBee® water circulation & mixing equipment improving water quality in reservoirs across the world. We apply knowledge and experience from multiple water quality disciplines to every project we evaluate solving real-world problems for real-world people. Read More - Contact Us
 Air Diffusion Systems
ADS fine bubble aeration has been used around the world as a natural and biological treatment solution for water and wastewater. The advanced ADS process can reduce BOD, TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorus levels to single-digit concentrations. ADS guarantees both products and treatment for five years at no cost to the owner. Contact Us