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Sonolyzer Ultrasound Sludge Disintegrator

The Problem: Biosolids are solidorganic particles produced in wastewater treatment processes.  The amount of sludge produced in waste water is continually increasing, the handling of these biosolids have a varying cost of 40-60% of total wastewater treatment expendatures for typical plants.

The Solution: The Sonolyzer technology provides effective sludge reduction via ultrasound cavitation bubbles.  This treatment does not require chemicals or extreme environmental conditions (either pressure or tempature).  Sonication of the return activated sludge (RAS) and or WAS is used to obtain the following benefits:

  • Control of filamentous bulking and foaming sludge.
  • Improvement of secondary clarifier sludge settling characterisitics.
  • Sludge Volume Index control.
  • WAS reduction.
  • Sludge minimization for Aerobic Digestion Process
  • Production of internal sources of carbon for denitrification processes.
  • Eliminiation of setic conditions in secondary clarifiers.

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 EWT Ultrastore Membrane Gas Holders

These PVC-coated, fabric membrane digester covers offer high gas storage capacity.  Ultrastore Membrane Gas Holder covers are ideal for plants that wish to use excess biogas for environmentally friendly electricity generation or to heat buildings, as well as the more typical heating of undigested sludge using a dual fuel boiler.

Each Gas Holder cover serves as a pressurized storage voume for biogas produced in the digesters, ensuring that gas is ready for use as a fuel for engine generators, Combined Heat and Power systems (CHPs) or microturbines.  Gas holders are essential for the efficient running of engine generators, CHPs and microturbines.  Gas holders also store several hours worh of biogas production without the need to burn it straight away.  This allows the system to be turned off when required, giving you time to maintain engine generators, CHP units or boilers.

The external membrane supports environmental loads tha the gasholder cover experiences.  The capacity of the internal biogas membrane varies according to the production and use of biogas by digestion facilties while operating at a constant pressure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Higher storage capacities than other Gas Holder Covers.
  • Faster, easier installation than that offered with other designs.
  • UV, snow and wind-resistant external membranes.
  • Standard capcity designs of up to 175,000 cubic feet.
  • Suitable for steel and concrete tanks of any size.
  • Internal membrane is impermiable to biogas.
  • High tear and flame resistant.
  • No need for external cables or supports.
  • Electro-mechanical level sensor for accurate gas storage monitoring.

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EWT Carrousel Systems

With over 700 US installations, Ovivo's EWT Carrousel System is universlaly praised for its durability, operational simplicity, low operating and maintenance costs and consistantly high effluent quality.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Aeration rate of 3.65 lb O2 /
    motor HP - hr with alpha values greater than or equal to 0.9
  • Total Nitrogen and Total Phosporus Removal-biologically
  • Free IR (Internal Recycle)
  • ExcelIn Aerator power turndown
    of up to 90%
  • Reduced power consmption of up to 80% with LM Mixer

How We Create Value

  • Cutting maintenance and operational requirnments
  • Reducing plant energy costs
  • Providing industry-leading process support
  • Meeting the most stringent U.S. nutrient permit limits -- easily

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Carousel Proset Clarifier-1

The Carousel ProSet Clarifier

Key Features & Benefits

  • Efficient flocculation
  • Rapidly withdraws sludge, providing enhanced bilogical removal
  • The SludgeViewR system allows operators to view RAS being collected

How We Create Value

  • No need to dewater tank to maintain clarifier drive, reducing maintenance costs
  • Easy to spot any clogs in tubes.

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