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EZ StripTM Transfer Pump

  • Maintain in Place
    • Quickly and safely remove full drive train including rotor, stator, shaft, rod, and seal in minutes without physical electrical disconnection.  Provides 360' access to coupling rod and drive shaft for easy inspection.  Captive support foot.  The fixed support fot stator clamp assembly further aids rotor and stator removal.
  • No Special Tools Required
    • Only a wrench and allen key required.
  • No De-Rating Required
    • Operational parameters unaffected since design has no effect on the flow and pressure.
  • Eliminate Dismantling Lengths
    • Suction and discharge points remain connected to the pipe work.  Easily upgrade from any model PC pump, or retrofit an existing EZstrip pump model.
  • Interchangeability
    • sembCompatable with new pumps or retrofitted into existing compact C and B - range installations.
  • Drive Train Assembly
    • Pre-Assembled drive trains available to support faster reassembly times.

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