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Telog Water & Wastewater Distribution Systems

Telog water and wastewater monitoring systems can keep track everything from open-channels to lift-stations and water-towers to fire-hydrants.  You can keep a handle on all your data needs wirelessly from your computer or cellular device.

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Wastewater Collection System     Water Distrbution System

HPR-32 Series Wireless Hydrant Pressure Recorder

For example, Telog’s original line of hydrant pressure recorders was designed to replace costly, high maintenance chart recorders for monitoring water pressure in distribution systems. The HPR-32 series is Telog’s next generation of paperless, hydrant pressure recorders and incorporates wireless technology for hands-off data transfer straight to your desktop.


  • Investigating pressure complaints.
  • Fire Flow Testing
  • Pressure loss tests.
  • Calibrating hydraulic models.
  • Monitoring system pressures.
  • Hydrant Capcity Testing.
  • High speed sampling to 20 s/s.

HPR-32 wireless pressure recorder

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Telog offers a comprehensive remote monitoring system for wastewater collection system operators. Identified as Telogers, it provides an automated means of collecting, archiving, presenting and sharing data from collection system remote assets such as flowmeters, rain gauges, CSO/SSOsurcharge sensors, pre-treatment water quality sensors, lift stations, and pressure sensors.



Sonolyzer Ultrasound Sludge Disintegrator

The Problem: Biosolids are solidorganic particles produced in wastewater treatment processes.  The amount of sludge produced in waste water is continually increasing, the handling of these biosolids have a varying cost of 40-60% of total wastewater treatment expendatures for typical plants.

The Solution: The Sonolyzer technology provides effective sludge reduction via ultrasound cavitation bubbles.  This treatment does not require chemicals or extreme environmental conditions (either pressure or tempature).  Sonication of the return activated sludge (RAS) and or WAS is used to obtain the following benefits:

  • Control of filamentous bulking and foaming sludge.
  • Improvement of secondary clarifier sludge settling characterisitics.
  • Sludge Volume Index control.
  • WAS reduction.
  • Sludge minimization for Aerobic Digestion Process
  • Production of internal sources of carbon for denitrification processes.
  • Eliminiation of setic conditions in secondary clarifiers.

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 EWT Ultrastore Membrane Gas Holders

These PVC-coated, fabric membrane digester covers offer high gas storage capacity.  Ultrastore Membrane Gas Holder covers are ideal for plants that wish to use excess biogas for environmentally friendly electricity generation or to heat buildings, as well as the more typical heating of undigested sludge using a dual fuel boiler.

Each Gas Holder cover serves as a pressurized storage voume for biogas produced in the digesters, ensuring that gas is ready for use as a fuel for engine generators, Combined Heat and Power systems (CHPs) or microturbines.  Gas holders are essential for the efficient running of engine generators, CHPs and microturbines.  Gas holders also store several hours worh of biogas production without the need to burn it straight away.  This allows the system to be turned off when required, giving you time to maintain engine generators, CHP units or boilers.

The external membrane supports environmental loads tha the gasholder cover experiences.  The capacity of the internal biogas membrane varies according to the production and use of biogas by digestion facilties while operating at a constant pressure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Higher storage capacities than other Gas Holder Covers.
  • Faster, easier installation than that offered with other designs.
  • UV, snow and wind-resistant external membranes.
  • Standard capcity designs of up to 175,000 cubic feet.
  • Suitable for steel and concrete tanks of any size.
  • Internal membrane is impermiable to biogas.
  • High tear and flame resistant.
  • No need for external cables or supports.
  • Electro-mechanical level sensor for accurate gas storage monitoring.

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Carousel Brochure Rev Front

EWT Carrousel Systems

With over 700 US installations, Ovivo's EWT Carrousel System is universlaly praised for its durability, operational simplicity, low operating and maintenance costs and consistantly high effluent quality.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Aeration rate of 3.65 lb O2 /
    motor HP - hr with alpha values greater than or equal to 0.9
  • Total Nitrogen and Total Phosporus Removal-biologically
  • Free IR (Internal Recycle)
  • ExcelIn Aerator power turndown
    of up to 90%
  • Reduced power consmption of up to 80% with LM Mixer

How We Create Value

  • Cutting maintenance and operational requirnments
  • Reducing plant energy costs
  • Providing industry-leading process support
  • Meeting the most stringent U.S. nutrient permit limits -- easily

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Carousel Proset Clarifier-1

The Carousel ProSet Clarifier

Key Features & Benefits

  • Efficient flocculation
  • Rapidly withdraws sludge, providing enhanced bilogical removal
  • The SludgeViewR system allows operators to view RAS being collected

How We Create Value

  • No need to dewater tank to maintain clarifier drive, reducing maintenance costs
  • Easy to spot any clogs in tubes.

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Calgon Carbon Corporation 


C3 SeriesTM

Our reliable, compact C3 Series is a cost-effective solution for wastewater and reuse disinfection. The C3 Series product range includes our newest innovation—the C3500TM D—a patent-pending design for the most challenging wastewater reuse and low-effluent quality applications.

  • Models accommodate all flow range applications, including lower quality effluents
  • Low-pressure, high-output lamp design
  • Rugged, open-channel, self-cleaning, modular design
  • NWRI validated for reuse applications

Features and Benefits

  • Energy-efficient UV lamp technology effectively disinfects wastewater without harmful by-products or environmentally harmful chlorine residuals
  • Highest lamp output for open-channel systems — less lamps per system
  • C3500D product specifically designed for reuse applications
  • Patent-pending mixing technology offers high hydraulic/germicidal efficiency
  • Proven modular mechanical cleaning system. Electrically driven; no ancillary equipment required.
  • Validated for the lowest effluent quality— 35% UV transmittance
  • Ballast mounted above the channel
  • Prevents the spread of waterborne pathogens to lakes, streams, rivers, and coastal waters

c3 serieswastewater treatment 2

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With one of the industry’s largest installed bases, our SENTINEL systems treat billions of gallons/litres of drinking water each day.

  • SENTINEL models accommodate pipe sizes from 12 to 48 inches (300 to 1200 mm)
  • The SENTINEL AOP and SENTINEL Chevron AOP range of products combines UV disinfection and advanced oxidation in one unit
  • Each SENTINEL reactor can treat flow rates up to 52 million gallons per day (200 million liters per day).

SENTINEL Features and Benefits

  • Provides municipal drinking water disinfection including Cryptosporidium and Giardia inactivation using high-intensity, mediumpressure lamp technology
  • Protects at a fraction of the cost of other advanced treatment technologies, such as ozonation and membrane filtration
  • No disinfection by-products
  • EPA-approved for disinfection under the LT2 rule
  • Outstanding taste and odor removal with the Advanced Oxidation Technologies of SENTINEL AOP and SENTINEL Chevron AOP



water treatment  

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In addition to our SENTINEL AOP products, our Advanced Oxidation Technologies include our RAYOX System for the destruction of organic compounds in groundwater, process water, and industrial wastewater.


Standard models include a 1 kW Bench Scale Unit for batch testing, 30kW, 60kW, and 90kW, as well as custom configurations for larger applications.

Advanced Oxidation Technologies & Benefits


  • Use the power of hydroxyl radicals to destroy organic compounds
  • React millions of times faster than chemical oxidants such as ozone or hydrogen peroxide
  • Combine UV disinfection and an added oxidizing agent (typically hydrogen peroxide) for ultra-fast, ultra-effective results
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Support water reuse efforts—an environmentally friendly, sustainable choice




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EZ StripTM Transfer Pump

  • Maintain in Place
    • Quickly and safely remove full drive train including rotor, stator, shaft, rod, and seal in minutes without physical electrical disconnection.  Provides 360' access to coupling rod and drive shaft for easy inspection.  Captive support foot.  The fixed support fot stator clamp assembly further aids rotor and stator removal.
  • No Special Tools Required
    • Only a wrench and allen key required.
  • No De-Rating Required
    • Operational parameters unaffected since design has no effect on the flow and pressure.
  • Eliminate Dismantling Lengths
    • Suction and discharge points remain connected to the pipe work.  Easily upgrade from any model PC pump, or retrofit an existing EZstrip pump model.
  • Interchangeability
    • sembCompatable with new pumps or retrofitted into existing compact C and B - range installations.
  • Drive Train Assembly
    • Pre-Assembled drive trains available to support faster reassembly times.

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NOV Mono is a global manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and pump parts and has a wide product range suitable for the pumping of fluids within the waste water, chemical, food, beverage, paper, mining, mineral processing, marine, agricultural and oil and gas sectors. 

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Mechanical Mixers/Agitators


Mixing Technologies, a Group of NOV, has been designing and manufacturing standard and customized fluid agitation equipment and systems for over 60 years. We are recognized as a leader in advanced mixing solutions for the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment industries.

Through the combination of quality mixing products, application experience and exceptional customer service, we can satisfy all of your water and wastewater treatment applications. For reliability and technology in mixing, we have the solution.


Model 20 HT GT HT MR QED Plus



The Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed for a wide range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, Flue Gas Desulfurization, power and other general process industries. The agitators feature a new, high-efficiency gearbox designed specifically for agitator service. Models are available in right angle and parallel shaft configurations to meet specific application requirements from critical chemical reactor systems to routine storage.

Model 20

  • Quick and easy seal change capability that saves time and reduces maintenance costs
  • Variety of seal options for application versatility
  • High energy efficiency due to an optimized gear design and lighter weight shaft diameter requirements
  • Standard cast dry well seal eliminates lubrication oil leakage from gearbox – this design is superior to maintenance intensive, unreliable lip seals
  • Reversible rotation to meet a variety of process requirements
  • Reliable performance and long life resulting from the cast gearbox with heavy duty output shaft and bearingsong life resulting from the cast gearbox with heavy duty output shaft and bearings

The new agitators combine the proven benefits of the Chemineer HT and GT agitators into a modular design package that reduces the number of replacement parts that need to be carried in inventory by the customer. The wide range of speeds available with the new agitators provides improved process control and greater application versatility. The Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed to meet AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU and ATEX standards and requirements.


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Static Mixers


Chemineer (Kenics) offers a wide range of static mixers, our application technology can be easily reproduced and reliably scaled. Numerous independent studies have shown Kenics static mixers maximize mixing efficiency—without the wasted energy and material blockage typically found in more restrictive motionless mixers.

 Element Assembly KMA Fixed Element KMS Removeable Element KMR UltraTab Static Mixers


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Dynamatic small

Adustable Speed Drives and Digital Controls


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Dynamatic® is a brand built upon 80+ years of reliable performance. Drive Source International, Inc. is the corporation that owns the Dynamatic® brand of Eddy Current adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls.

As an application engineering manufacturer, we offer the most complete line of electromagnetic drives, brakes, and digital controls, centered on the world-renowned Dynamatic® brand. Our broad offering consists of Eddy Current variable speed drives up to 4000HP, Eddy Current air and liquid cooled brakes, CES Constant Energy Digital press drives, Eddy Current controls, custom control systems, high speed AC motors, inverter packages, and Dynamatic® Specialty & AC Dynamometer Motors.


I GridBee

Air Powered Mixer System for Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Tanks, and more:

The GridBee AP500 air-powered mixer, the smallest mixer in the AP Series from Medora Corporation, features a non-clog design with no moving parts and no electricity in the water. Constructed of 316SS and polymer materials, it is portable, compact, and lightweight; easy to install by plant personnel. In wet wells and lift stations, this mixer can be used to reduce H2S odors and corrosion, and grease buildup. It can also be used to mix most all types of liquids in municipal and industrial tanks, and in basins and ponds or as a backup mixer - wherever mixing is needed! The GridBee AP500 Air-Powered Mixer comes as a system, and includes the mixer, air unit, and accessories.

AP500 system thumb

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GridBee AP Air-Powered Mixers and Circulators from Medora Corporation combine patented long-distance circulation technology with a clog-free air-powered pump. They have no electricity or moving parts in the water, offering years of maintenance-free operation even in high MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) applications. Air can be supplied by the customer's existing system or by our optional on-shore air units. These powerful mixers are compact, lightweight, and easy to install by plant personnel, and with a low purchase price they have a fast payback in energy savings. Low-cost rentals are also available.

  • Floating Models: These machines offer an adjustable intake depth and float at that depth to achieve specific water quality objectives; up to 100 feet deep or more for hypolimnetic applications. They are designed for use in lakes, stormwater ponds, and wastewater ponds.
  • Pedestal Models: Designed for use in activated sludge wastewater basins, wet wells, lift stations, and industrial tanks and basins. Can be set on the bottom of basins to 50-plus feet in depth.
  • Air Units: Standard units are available from 0.5 hp to 1.5 hp, in a sound-reducing enclosure. Higher hp units are available for deeper settings or if more mixers are required.


GridBee THM Removal System installed in a 2 MG tank.

Foating GridBee  Pedestal GridBee  Air Unit GridBee 
 Floating  Pedestal  Air Units

Features and Benefits

  • Patented long-distance circulation technology
  • Four standard sizes in both floating and pedestal models provide best-in-class, energy-efficient mixing
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water
  • Self-cleaning, clog-free design minimizes maintenance
  • Various models with adjustable intake depths available for specific applications
  • Compact and lightweight for easy customer installation; factory installation available
  • Self-sinking (weighted) or floating air hose available
  • Optional air units are provided with a sound-reducing enclosure


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ScrewSucker Pumping Systems

As the most fuel efficient portable pump in the world; Municipalities and Contractors have utilized the ScrewSucker™ in various applications for its incredible reliability and robust design.  Consistent with Apsco’s 20 years of success, standing behind a top tier product means top tier service.

The Swiss made pump is made to the highest standards and with its screw centrifugal impeller it gives the ScrewSucker™ Pump a very large free passage combined with a very low power input. Hidrostal Pumps have an average efficiency at BEP of 78%. The clog free designed Hidrostal Pump is capable of pumping raw sewage, clean and dirty Bentonite , thick slurries and waste water. Rubber covered Flushl ess mechanical seals, solid tungsten carbide against solid silicon carbide, immersed in an oil bath enable the ScrewSucker™ to run dry.


  • Hidrostal high efficient screw centrifugal solids handlings pump
  • Electronic level switching
  • Externally adjustable wear liners
  • Robust double mechanical shaft sealing system in oil bath for indefinate dry running
  • Bunded fuel tank
  • ScrewSucker energy saving electronic priming system
  • All galvinized noice reduction conopies
  • "Whisper Quiet" ScrewSucker noise reduction enclosure

ScrewSucker Model 100ScrewSucker 300

Above: ScrewSucker Model 100 / ScrewSucker Model 300

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Apsco has enjoyed growth over the past 20 Years.  Our philosophy is to provide the Northwest wastewater, water, and private industrial customers top tier equipment products built for trouble free operation and longevity.  We believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with our customers.  We value repeat business from clientele who find Apsco personnel competent, fair, and willing to go the extra mile to insure satisfaction.

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Quantum Belt Press

Low-profile belt press significantly simplifies operation, maintenance and lowers cost of ownership

ANDRITZ SEPARATION revolutionizes the world of dewatering with the Quantum belt press featuring SmarTrax technology. Engineered with the operator in mind, our low-profile design provides modular flexibility, quality design,  and low maintenance, without compromising performance, to create the most advanced belt filter press on the market today.


  • Low-profile n structure for a smaller machine footprint and ease of access for operator (no platform needed)
  • SmarTrax technology to reduce peripherals maintenance, simplify installation and reduce maintenance requirements
  • Modular design increases flexibility
  • Increased hydraulic capacity

SMX Quantum1


  • Low profile for operator convenience
  • Modular design
  • Extended dewatering area
  • 8 or 12 S-zone rolls
  • Drive roll in nitrile, other rolls available in stainless, cladded, and thermoplastic polymer coated rolls
  • Optimized plows for better gravity efficiency
  • ANDRITZ automation controls
  • Simple wear strip replacement
  • Galvanized frame


  • CE-compliant fiberglass safety panels for fully enclosed machine
  • Automation control for pumps and auxiliaries management
  • Third belt gravity zone for increased hydraulic capacity
  • SmarTrax hydraulic tracking available
  • Stainless steel frame

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XRipper XRG brochure 17 012

Low-maintenance Replacement For CommonTwin Shaft Grinders.

Updated twin shaft technology create a state of the art solids reduction product.  Our X-Ripper is well suited for large solids with our larger, one-peice monolithic rippers we provide adventagious performence and life cycle.

  • Easy access inline maintenance
  • Oil lubricated seals w/ oil bottle for seal status
  • Single set of mechanical seals
  • No lower bearing




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XRipper XRG brochure 17 004 XRipper® Giant (XRG)

Get the ultimate protection from wipes, rags and wastewater debris.

XRG units are perfect for grinding debris in a plant’s headworks and lift stations; designed to perform and hold up in harsh operating conditions.

We engineered the XRipper® Giant grinder with two patent-pending design features that deliver consistent grinding in a rugged, yet maintenance-friendly unit.

  • Patented, One-Piece Monolithic Ripper Rotor Technology
  • Patented, Integrated Screen Feed System
  • High Torque Design
  • Easy On-site Maintenance
  • Industry-Best Warranty


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RotaCut Small


The RotaCut inline is easy to integrate into existing systems because the intake and discharge points are positioned directly opposite one another. Heavy objects such as stones and metal parts are separated out and fibrous matter is reliably macerated. This version is typically used in communal waste water systems and industrial plants.

RotaCut Process Small

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