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Gummi-Jaeger Aeration


Gummi-Jaeger created the world's first rubber membrane diffuser, they have sold more than 12 million membranes and diffuser assemblies worldwide, including designing diffusers for most U.S. and German wastewater OEMs. As the industry pioneer and leader, Gummi-Jaeger Aeration is the dependable, long-term, global supplier to wastewater treatment and aeration businesses.


Fine Bubble Membran Diffusers


Disc Diffusers

The JetFlex® HD ** Disc Diffuser Series and replacement membranes combine the highest oxygen transfer efficiency and low energy usage. They're engineered and manufactured by Gummi-Jaeger AERATION, which invented the world's first fine bubble aeration EPDM membranes. In some case studies, Gummi-Jaeger AERATION membrane diffusers offer a useful life of up to 10 years or more in municipal wastewater treatment -
providing service many times longer than their projected product life.


JetFlex Disc Diffusers


Tube Diffusers

The JetFlex® TD ** Tube Diffuser Series and tubular replacement membranes combine the highest oxygen transfer efficiency and low energy usage. They're engineered and manufactured by Gummi-Jaeger AERATION, which invented the world's first fine-bubble aeration EPDM membranes. Aeration system designs utilizing JetFlex® TD Tube Diffusers offer lower capital cost at equal or better performance than disc diffuser systems.


JetFlex Tube Diffusers


Strip Diffusers

Gummi-Jaeger is the wastewater treatment industries pioneer of EPDM fine bubble membrane diffusers. Gummi-Jaeger continues innovating the wastewater aeration market place with its JetFlex Strip SD 160 / 2000 FF Series Diffuser. The JetFle3' Strip SD 160 / 2000 FF Series system benefits customers with reductions of energy consumption of the fine bubble diffuser aeration system of up to 20% while also being the most cost competitive diffuser and air lateral system in the industry. The JetFlex Strip SD 160 / 2000 FF Series is
available with EPDM, Polyurethane and Silicone Membrane Materials.


 JetFlex Strip Diffuser


Coars Bubble Diffusers

JetFlex TD 63-C Series

Gummi-Jaeger provides coarse bubble aeration solutions using either all stainless air piping and diffusers or stainless air piping with its JetFlex® TD 63-C Series all Polypropylene Diffusers. Gummi-Jaeger coarse bubble aeration solutions meet the most demanding aeration and mixing applications including flow equalization, channel aeration, grit chambers, aerobic digesters, industrial, and mixing and scouring applications including RBC, MBR, IFAS, and MBBR.


JetFlex TD63C


Fine Bubble Replacement Membranes

JetFlex Disc & Tube Diffuser Replacement Membranes

Gummi-Jaeger is the waste water treatment industries pioneer of EPDM fine bubble membrane diffusers. We created the world's first fine bubble rubber membrane diffuser in1975. In the United States, customers have benefited from Gummi-Jaeger wastewater diffuser products since the early 1980s. Gummi-Jaeger was instrumental in the initial design, rubber chemistry, perforation patterns for high SOTE of the majority of today's well know fine bubble diffuser suppliers. Consequently Gummi-Jaeger can match and supply spare disc and tubular replacement membranes to all common diffuser models in the market place. Materials: EPDM, Polyurethane, Silicone and others.


JetFlex Replacement Membranes


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BlueInGreen (BIG)


BlueInGreen provides highly efficient solutions for aeration, pH adjustment, disinfection and odor control to lower your treatment costs and improve your water quality. When you think water, think BIG.


  • Biological Processes
  • Post Aeration
  • Ecological Processes
  • Aquaculture

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  • Softening
  • pH Adjustment
  • Water Stability
  • Desalination

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  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Disinfection
  • Sludge Treatment

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  • Odor Control
  • Corrosion Control
  • High Solids Aeration
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RW Gate Small

RW Gate Company designs and manufactures the highest quality and longest lasting water control gates and related equipment. Our rugged, heavy-duty gates are substantially constructed and fitted with a wear-resisting seal system – making the RW Gate an unparalleled long-term solution and value.

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RW Gate Company designs and manufactures the highest quality, longest lasting water control gates and related equipment used in the water/wastewater industry and others employing water control systems. RW Gate Company is a professional organization that works within a defined quality management system and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our lineup of best-in-class water control gates is backed by a full package of service offerings from design assistance all the way to equipment commissioning and field service.

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THM Image 2
Affordable THM Removal For Small Tanks.

Effective trihalomethane removal is now accessible for all systems big and small.

Systems start at less than $20,000!

The SN1 is a natural progression of Medora's industry leading THM & VOC removal spray aeration offering. Specifically built with small tanks in mind, now even the smallest of drinking water distribution systems can achieve reliable and economical THM removal.

  • Energy-Efficient, Clog-Free Spray Aeration Design, 316 SS Construction
  • Install without taking the tank out of service
  • Portable, no major infrastructure changes required
  • Long life, maintenance free design
  • Factory Placement available

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phos image 0 New Wastewater White Board Video Available!

How To Meet Phosphorus Removal Limits In Wastewater Ponds Using Floating Wastewater Mixers.

Chemical dispersion in wastewater ponds can be a hefty expense. Learn how floating wastewater mixers can help enhance chemical interaction, save on chemical used, and give you the best possible result at a lower cost. 

AP1800 AP1800
AerationPlus® Lake & Pond Circulators Now Have A Solar Option!

AerationPlus® Air-Powered Circulators are a great way to introduce beneficial and affordable circulation for pond and lake areas up to 5 acres. No moving parts. No electricity in the water. And now with the new solar option, water quality improvement is within reach regardless if there is grid power onsite.

I GridBee

Air Powered Mixer System for Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Tanks, and more:

The GridBee AP500 air-powered mixer, the smallest mixer in the AP Series from Medora Corporation, features a non-clog design with no moving parts and no electricity in the water. Constructed of 316SS and polymer materials, it is portable, compact, and lightweight; easy to install by plant personnel. In wet wells and lift stations, this mixer can be used to reduce H2S odors and corrosion, and grease buildup. It can also be used to mix most all types of liquids in municipal and industrial tanks, and in basins and ponds or as a backup mixer - wherever mixing is needed! The GridBee AP500 Air-Powered Mixer comes as a system, and includes the mixer, air unit, and accessories.

AP500 system thumb

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GridBee AP Air-Powered Mixers and Circulators from Medora Corporation combine patented long-distance circulation technology with a clog-free air-powered pump. They have no electricity or moving parts in the water, offering years of maintenance-free operation even in high MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) applications. Air can be supplied by the customer's existing system or by our optional on-shore air units. These powerful mixers are compact, lightweight, and easy to install by plant personnel, and with a low purchase price they have a fast payback in energy savings. Low-cost rentals are also available.

  • Floating Models: These machines offer an adjustable intake depth and float at that depth to achieve specific water quality objectives; up to 100 feet deep or more for hypolimnetic applications. They are designed for use in lakes, stormwater ponds, and wastewater ponds.
  • Pedestal Models: Designed for use in activated sludge wastewater basins, wet wells, lift stations, and industrial tanks and basins. Can be set on the bottom of basins to 50-plus feet in depth.
  • Air Units: Standard units are available from 0.5 hp to 1.5 hp, in a sound-reducing enclosure. Higher hp units are available for deeper settings or if more mixers are required.


Foating GridBee  Pedestal GridBee  Air Unit GridBee 
 Floating  Pedestal  Air Units

Features and Benefits

  • Patented long-distance circulation technology
  • Four standard sizes in both floating and pedestal models provide best-in-class, energy-efficient mixing
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water
  • Self-cleaning, clog-free design minimizes maintenance
  • Various models with adjustable intake depths available for specific applications
  • Compact and lightweight for easy customer installation; factory installation available
  • Self-sinking (weighted) or floating air hose available
  • Optional air units are provided with a sound-reducing enclosure


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septage receiving station1

water dispensing station3
Septage Receiving

Automated, turn-key trucked liquid waste receiving stations and software to track and monitor septage and/or F.O.G. being dumped into your collection system.

Each Septage Receiving Station is turn-key, self contained, insulated, and maintenance friendly.

Our Systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and come complete with an electric actuated plug valve, 316 stainless steel piping, magnetic flow meter, access terminal, and field terminal box.

To ensure our systems are designed to meet your specific needs, we offer optional accessories including:

  • Automated flushing system
  • Automated refrigerated sampler
  • Grinder
  • Rock trap
  • Hose reel
  • Online pH monitor
  • Receipt printer
  • Online conductivity monitor
  • Air/vacuum release valve
  • Hydrocarbon sensors

Our Septage Receiving Stations can be used for receiving trucked liquid waste and also fat, oil, and grease (FOG receiving). You can customize your own components or use our industry standard components.

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custom water fill station3
custom water sentry station
water dispensing station3
Water Dispensing

Providing Accountability and Security for the Community, while generating revenue and reducing administration cost for municipalities & business.

Each Bulk Water Dispensing Station is turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance friendly.

Flowpoint takes the time to ensure each system is designed for your specifications. The systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and come complete with a flow control, reduced pressure backflow prevention device, stainless steel piping, meter, drain valve, access terminal, and field terminal box. Options include low volume fill points (barrel fill), credit card interface, coin acceptor, propane heaters, overhead fill support, and multiple fill points. Solar power and mobile options are also available.

All stations are capable of dispensing potable water, reclaimed water, or raw water. Need a custom design? Call us today, we have an experienced team capable of custom building anything from a frac tank farm dispensing stations to a river water withdrawal. Our systems ensure accuracy in reporting and automated safe guards to make sure you stay within your permitted limits.

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Hydroneumatic Surge, Pressure, Sliencer Systems

For over 90 years, PULSCO has developed custom engineered solutions to provide surge control, pulsation control, and industrial noise control to a growing and diverse group of industries.  With the capability to design and supply complete systems, PULSCO is your trusted source for specifications, systems and drawings desgined to meet specific performence requirenment for fluid, steam, or gas and environment.  PULSCO also provides professional surge analysis/consultancy and field commissioning.

From Aerospace/Defense, Process Management, Municipal Water/Wastewater and hydrocarbons, PULSCO has the technology, personel and standards to exceed expectations.

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