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I GridBee

Air Powered Mixer System for Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Tanks, and more:

The GridBee AP500 air-powered mixer, the smallest mixer in the AP Series from Medora Corporation, features a non-clog design with no moving parts and no electricity in the water. Constructed of 316SS and polymer materials, it is portable, compact, and lightweight; easy to install by plant personnel. In wet wells and lift stations, this mixer can be used to reduce H2S odors and corrosion, and grease buildup. It can also be used to mix most all types of liquids in municipal and industrial tanks, and in basins and ponds or as a backup mixer - wherever mixing is needed! The GridBee AP500 Air-Powered Mixer comes as a system, and includes the mixer, air unit, and accessories.

AP500 system thumb

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GridBee AP Air-Powered Mixers and Circulators from Medora Corporation combine patented long-distance circulation technology with a clog-free air-powered pump. They have no electricity or moving parts in the water, offering years of maintenance-free operation even in high MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) applications. Air can be supplied by the customer's existing system or by our optional on-shore air units. These powerful mixers are compact, lightweight, and easy to install by plant personnel, and with a low purchase price they have a fast payback in energy savings. Low-cost rentals are also available.

  • Floating Models: These machines offer an adjustable intake depth and float at that depth to achieve specific water quality objectives; up to 100 feet deep or more for hypolimnetic applications. They are designed for use in lakes, stormwater ponds, and wastewater ponds.
  • Pedestal Models: Designed for use in activated sludge wastewater basins, wet wells, lift stations, and industrial tanks and basins. Can be set on the bottom of basins to 50-plus feet in depth.
  • Air Units: Standard units are available from 0.5 hp to 1.5 hp, in a sound-reducing enclosure. Higher hp units are available for deeper settings or if more mixers are required.


GridBee THM Removal System installed in a 2 MG tank.

Foating GridBee  Pedestal GridBee  Air Unit GridBee 
 Floating  Pedestal  Air Units

Features and Benefits

  • Patented long-distance circulation technology
  • Four standard sizes in both floating and pedestal models provide best-in-class, energy-efficient mixing
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water
  • Self-cleaning, clog-free design minimizes maintenance
  • Various models with adjustable intake depths available for specific applications
  • Compact and lightweight for easy customer installation; factory installation available
  • Self-sinking (weighted) or floating air hose available
  • Optional air units are provided with a sound-reducing enclosure


For more inoformation please, Download the Brochure.